Welcome to the website dedicated to the multiple frauds of Anthony Chan (also known by his real name, Wing Yuen Chan).


Section 2 of the UK Fraud Act 2006 make it a fraud if the perpetrator: (1) makes any representation as to fact or law, express or implied, which he knows to be untrue or misleading; (2) does so dishonestly; and (3) does so with the intent to make a gain for himself or inflict loss (or a risk of loss) on another.


Under Section 16A of the Hong Kong Fraud Ordinance: "(1) If any person by any deceit (whether or not the deceit is the sole or main inducement) and with intent to defraud induces another person to commit an act or make an omission, which results either: (a) in benefit to any person other than the second-mentioned person; or (b) in prejudice or a substantial risk of prejudice to any person other than the first-mentioned person, the first-mentioned person commits the offence of fraud and is liable on conviction upon indictment to imprisonment for 14 years"


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