Anthony Chan's Friends

Anthony Chan has a number of close friends from his days at La Salle College.


John Chan (also known by his real name, Chan Lam Chun John) is Anthony's closest friend.


John Chan is a Canadian citizen and subject to Canadian tax.


Like Anthony, John Chan was also bankrupted in Hong Kong (case number B3030/2003) under his real name, Chan Lam Chun John.


While Anthony was an undischarged bankrupt, he used John Chan (by this time a discharged bankrupt) as his "money man" and "conduit" to disguise his money flows from his trustee in bankruptcy, Zolfo & Cooper (which became Duff & Phelps and now Kroll).


While an undischarged bankrupt, Anthony also used John Chan as his “puppet”, making him the sole director and sole shareholder for the companies Anthony uses to perpetrate his frauds such as Goldenway, HuangJinLu, JinWoLu and Malvernrose (all incorporated in Hong Kong).


John Chan was also closely involved in the BVI companies which Anthony used to perpetrate his frauds, Gretchen, AAD Ventures and Nitin.


In making his fake investment commitments and false 'payment-made' representations to multiple victims around the world, Anthony involved not just John Chan (as a discharged bankrupt) but also their colleague, Dwight Crescioni-Morales, who had been made bankrupt under Chapter 13 of the US Bankruptcy Code (case number 99000605).


Another close friend of Anthony Chan from La Salle College is Patrick Au Hoi Yuen.


As part of his frauds, Anthony sometimes refers to the “Chan Swiss Office” or the "Chan multi-family office” which held, so Anthony fraudulently misrepresented to his victims, millions of USD belonging to Anthony, John Chan and Patrick Au (despite the fact that John and Patrick, like Anthony, are impecunious).


Theresa Shung is Anthony’s former PA and Company Secretary of one of the companies used by Anthony to perpetrate his frauds.


Andrew Kim is Anthony’s main Korean business partner.